Top 5 Ways to Engage with the Colorado Legislative Session

Top 5 Ways to Engage with the Colorado Legislative Session

The top five ways you can engage with the Colorado legislature this session.

1. Sign up for a digitdemos account ASAP

It’s year one for a new tool that hopes to make it easier to follow bills you’re interested in. Here’s the best part. You can vote on the bills that interest you, and then compare how your votes match up with your elected officials. It looks like it could be a great tool to both learn about what’s going on at State Capitol and hold your elected officials accountable to your wishes.

2. Get out that old pen or pencil and paper

There is plenty of time for notes, calls and emails about how mad you are about this or that. The first week of legislative session is a good time to build relationships with your representatives. Draft a nice handwritten note to both your state representative and state senator welcoming them to the start of the session, and maybe throw in a few words about the issues you care about. If you don’t already have contact info, you can get it at

3. Pick a committee to follow

There are committees we see every year at the State Capitol. Find one you think might fit your interests and listen in on their regular committee meetings online. Just who is in each committee isn’t posted yet, nor are the times they’ll meet, but you will eventually find them here. Then listen in online at the right time.

 4. Follow the Colorado General Assembly hashtag #coleg on Twitter

 If you’re not on Twitter and want to follow some pretty informal back and forth between the Capitol Press Corp, elected officials, pundits and activists, then sign up for an account. And follow the #coleg conversation.

 5. Tune into the Colorado Channel online

 You can watch live what happens on the floors of both the Colorado Senate and the Colorado House of Representatives online every day of the week with the Colorado Channel.