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Join the thousands across the country who instantly rally when there is a threat to our democracy.


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Voting & Elections 03.26.2024

Associated Press: North Carolina elections board finalizes results from primary marked by new voter ID rules

Common Cause North Carolina urged the legislature on Tuesday to reinstate the grace period, saying it ensures voters who rely on the mail to vote won’t be disenfranchised by postage delays beyond their control.

Voting & Elections 03.25.2024

Georgia Public Broadcasting/Georgia Recorder: Georgia lawmakers could still tinker with election rules in waning days of 2024 legislative session

Anne Gray Herring, a policy analyst for Common Cause Georgia, said requiring eligible voters to go through this burden of proving their residency is not a trivial thing. “I do appreciate that the bill attempts to clarify what is probable because that was something that is needed through this new mass challenge landscape,” she said.

Voting & Elections 03.18.2024

Common Cause Hire Bolsters Voting & Democracy Program for 2024 Election

With the 2024 primaries underway and the general election fast approaching, Common Cause is pleased to announce Jay Young as its Senior Director of Voting & Democracy. In the newly-created position, he will oversee the organization’s legislative, operational, and legal strategies to advance reforms that allow all Americans to participate in elections and to oppose efforts to restrict voting rights.

Voting & Elections 03.18.2024

NBC News: Wisconsin is lagging behind other swing states in shoring up election policies following 2020 chaos

Jay Heck, the executive director Common Cause Wisconsin, the state’s branch of the national nonpartisan government watchdog group, added that the consequences could be dire if the right mix of circumstances were to emerge on or following Election Day. “It could all explode,” he said. The April 2 primary ballot in Wisconsin will ask voters to decide on two proposed constitutional amendments that critics contend are byproducts of conspiracy theories touted by election deniers. “[Passage of these amendments] is likely to leave election clerks all over the state of Wisconsin without the resources to run elections smoothly,” Heck said.

Minnesota Reformer (Op-Ed): Minnesota needs an independent citizen redistricting commission

Until we pass a constitutional amendment creating an independent redistricting commission, the power will always reside with partisan interests of those drawing our district voting maps. It’s time for us to get the power back. Reforms should come from us, impacted Minnesotans, not legislative or party establishment.   

Voting & Elections 03.6.2024

WIRED: Inside Election Conspiracy Groups on Super Tuesday

Election integrity group Common Cause pointed out in a post on X that the picture wasn’t actually showing a voting machine but rather what's called an “emergency drawer.” “It is a locked, secure ballot receptacle to store and scan ballots ensuring they're included in the polling place's count at the end of the day,” the group explained.

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