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Media & Democracy 05.17.2021

Common Cause Response to AT&T/Discovery Merger to Unwind WarnerMedia

Today, AT&T and Discovery Inc. announced a $43 billion deal to merge WarnerMedia with Discovery. Under the deal, AT&T will spin off its $85 billion acquisition of Time Warner to form a new company with Discovery. The new company will combine the media assets of WarnerMedia with Discovery. The announcement of the deal comes just three years after AT&T acquired Time Warner, which Common Cause opposed.

Media & Democracy 05.4.2021

Ars Technica: Ajit Pai joins American Enterprise Institute and a firm that invests in ISPs

Even before Pai joined AEI, his hiring at Searchlight Capital Partners led former FCC Democrat Michael Copps to say, "We have a serious revolving door problem at the FCC. This is not encouraging." Copps "said commissioners tend to be more sympathetic to private equity firms and corporations when they are commissioners if they know that they might also, one day, become their future employers," according to the New York Post.

Media & Democracy 04.29.2021

News & Observer/Inside Sources: The path to restoring journalism as a pillar of our democracy

Dorothy Butler Gilliam, the first Black woman reporter at The Washington Post, said in 2019, “When journalists are being called ‘an enemy of the people,’ and Black women reporters, and other reporters, are being called names and treated with such disrespect, I think it’s just so important to remind people of the importance of the media.”

Media & Democracy 04.6.2021

Seattle Times (Editorial): FCC, restore limits to media ownership

The silver lining is that the Supreme Court ruling affirmed the FCC has authority to help make things right. “The way I read it, that means the FCC has broad discretion to enact substantive, meaningful ownership rules,” said Michael Copps, a former FCC member now advocating for diversity in media ownership.

Media & Democracy 04.1.2021

Associated Press: Justices uphold FCC’s easing of local media ownership limits

“I wouldn’t be surprised if this decision opens the floodgates to more consolidation for media conglomerates. But that doesn’t mean the FCC has to approve every merger that comes knocking on its door,” said Yosef Getachew, Media & Democracy Program Director for Common Cause.

Media & Democracy 04.1.2021

Supreme Court Defers to FCC Authority in Media Ownership Case But Leaves Door Open For Future FCC To Protect The Public Interest 

Today, the United States Supreme Court issued a decision in Federal Communications Commission v. Prometheus Radio Project upholding the FCC’s 2017 Order to roll back several of its media ownership rules. The rules prohibit a single entity from owning too many newspaper, radio, and television stations within a local market. In upholding the FCC’s deregulation of media ownership rules, the Supreme Court found that the agency acted reasonably for the purposes of the Administrative Procedure Act, which guides agency decision making.

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