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Join the thousands across the country who instantly rally when there is a threat to our democracy.


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Money & Influence 07.30.2023

Raleigh News & Observer: Idea exchange or corporate lobbying front? A look into ALEC's influence in NC

"What I worry about in the general sense is you want to think that proposals and legislation comes from the people who are electing the folks representing them in the legislature and that there is some kind of local initiative for that," said Bob Phillips, executive director of Common Cause NC. "But when you have a bill mill that really is serving the interests of special interests in corporate America and right-of-center agendas, that's alarming."

Common Cause Veterans Kathay Feng and Stephen Spaulding Step Into VP Roles

Common Cause is pleased to announce that two Common Cause veterans have stepped into the role of vice president at the government watchdog. Longtime Common Cause leader Kathay Feng will step into the role of Vice President for Programs and Stephen Spaulding is returning to Common Cause from his role as Policy Director of the U.S. Senate Rules Committee and will serve as Vice President for Policy & External Affairs. Together the two will help lead Common Cause’s national efforts to reduce barriers to a more representative democracy. They will also support efforts for the organization’s 30 state operations working to create a 21st Century democracy that works for everyone.

Public News Service: Ohio Lawmakers Push to Join Convention of States

Viki Harrison, director of state operations for Common Cause, said fringe groups from both sides of the aisle have called for a convention of states over the years, but her organization is opposed, noting the gathering could easily be influenced by powerful special interests. "Who's going to choose who goes to the convention?" Harrison wondered. "We already see how outside special-interest groups, big-money donors, have so much influence in elections, so why would we think this would be any different?" Supporters argued Article Five was written by the founding fathers as an option for states to respond should the federal government overstep its powers. Harrison countered they failed to create guardrails, leaving the Constitution open to unpredictable changes. "Anything that we hold dear, whether you care about education, or environmental rights or gun rights, no matter what you care about in the Constitution, if we called an Article V convention, it's up for grabs," Harrison cautioned.

Voting & Elections 06.17.2021

The Nation: ALEC’s Corporate Funders Are Complicit in State-Based Assaults on Voting Rights and Democracy

Common Cause President Karen Hobert Flynn reminds us, “ALEC has a long history of rigging the rules against everyday Americans while skirting ethics and tax laws.” And now, she adds, “ALEC…is working behind the scenes to restrict voting rights.” This week, more than 300 voting rights organizations and their allies, including Common Cause, Public Citizen, Fair Fight Action, Color of Change, the AFL-CIO, and the League of Women Voters, demanded that major corporations cut their financial ties with ALEC. 

Money & Influence 06.14.2021

Common Cause, Fair Fight Action, and Over 300 Organizations Call on Corporations to Cut Ties with ALEC

Earth Day: 50 Years of Being In Common Cause With Our Environment

Earth Day and Common Cause turn 50 in 2020 and share more than an anniversary -- a deep and abiding commitment to public policy in the common good.

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