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Join the thousands across the country who instantly rally when there is a threat to our democracy.


Join the thousands across the country who instantly rally when there is a threat to our democracy.


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Leadership Transition at Common Cause

The National Governing Board of Common Cause announced today the appointment of Vice President of Programs and Strategy Marilyn Carpinteyro and Vice President of People, Equity, and Inclusion Jordan Davis as interim co-presidents, effective immediately.


Statement on the Passing of Common Cause Board Member Pat Schroeder

"She is part of the generations of women shaping Common Cause, demonstrating our democracy reform agenda requires a relentless commitment to doing hard work and having the courage to get involved."


Statement on the Passing of Common Cause President Karen Hobert Flynn

A trailblazer and powerful advocate, Karen dedicated her career to reforming our government so it served everyone. May her memory give us strength as together we carry forward her legacy of fighting for a government that lives up to the ideals of its people.

Common Cause Condemns Congress’ Decision to Weaken Nonpartisan Ethics Office

"As their first legislative act, Congressional Republicans have decided to significantly weaken the independent ethics office. Their actions are a complete failure of leadership.”

Media & Democracy 01.3.2023

Common Cause Applauds White House Re-Nomination of Gigi Sohn and Urges Her Rapid Confirmation By Senate

"We urge the Senate to quickly confirm Ms. Sohn so the agency can fully advance the public interest and create a communications ecosystem that serves all of us.”

Congressional Republicans Make Dismantling Office of Ethics Priority Number One

"Now, on the very first day of a new Congress, Republicans have put ethics, accountability, and transparency on the chopping block."

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