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John Bolton has made shocking new allegations about President Trump’s conduct in office. Now, he must take the stand to tell the Senate and the American people about what he knows.

In his new manuscript, Bolton asserts that President Trump said he planned to delay security funding to Ukraine until an investigation into the Bidens was launched. He also reveals new details about how senior cabinet officials — including Attorney General Barr and acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney — were involved in the scandal.

This is a major clue as to why John Bolton was one of several witnesses that the White House blocked from cooperating with the House’s impeachment inquiry. The information he might reveal in his testimony could completely undermine Trump’s defense.

And it’s possible that Bolton — who allegedly once equated the Ukraine scandal to a “drug deal” — would be a big crack in the dam, leading to more and more administration officials coming forward to tell the truth and avoid going down with Trump.

A fair impeachment trial must be:

Honest: Senators must base their decisions only on the evidence — and cannot under any circumstances accept fundraising help from Trump or coordinate with his defense before or during the trial.

Thorough: The House must be allowed to present its full case — calling necessary witnesses and allowing all evidence from the impeachment inquiry into the trial record.

Transparent: The American people deserve to see what’s happening, limiting transparency only to protect classified information and whistleblower anonymity.

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