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Join the thousands across the country who instantly rally when there is a threat to our democracy.


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In big wins for direct democracy, voters in Arkansas, Florida and North Dakota soundly defeated attempts to make it harder for citizens to either put questions on the ballot or to pass those questions. For some context, in Florida this win is important because in 2018 voters used direct democracy to pass a ballot measure that restored the right to vote to felons who completed their sentences. Some leaders have tried to block implementation of this social justice reform, including running this failed attempt to make it harder for grassroots organizers to mount successful ballot campaigns. 

Arkansas – Amendment 3


“If passed, Amendment 3 would make it harder for Arkansas voters to collect petition signatures to put initiatives on the ballot. This is a cynical effort to silence the voices of Arkansasans and remove a check on the power of state politicians.”

UPDATE: Amendment 3 was defeated.

Learn More At Protect AR Voices >>

Florida – Amendment 4


“If passed, Amendment 4 would require voter-approved ballot initiatives be approved by voters in a second statewide vote to become effective. Florida law already requires a supermajority vote (60%) for a measure to pass; Amendment 4 would require a second statewide vote, making it far more difficult and expensive to advance constitutional amendments.”

UPDATE: Amendment 4 was defeated.

Learn More At Ballotpedia and NoNumber4.org (League of Women Voters of Florida website)

North Dakota – Measure 2


“If passed, Measure 2 would require any ballot measure passed by voters to be approved by the legislature. If the legislature does not approve the measure, the issue will be placed on the ballot again to become effective if approved by voters a second time.”

UPDATE: Measure 2 was defeated.

Learn More At Protect ND >>

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