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Illinoisans face a culture of corruption from the huge influence of special interests and a government that too often ignores the will of the people. Common Cause Illinois and its members are building a movement to fight back for a real and accountable democracy. After re-launching the state chapter in 2012, we continue to advance landmark reforms to create a stronger voice for every Illinoisan, from improving access to the polls to getting big money out of politics. If you're interested in voter rights, campaign finance reform, or simply creating a government that works for the people, get involved with Common Cause Illinois to help build a movement for a great democracy.

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Election Protection

Protecting the freedom to vote for all eligible Americans is fundamental to preserving our democracy. Yet in every election many eligible voters are confused, disenfranchised, and unable to exercise their right to vote. You will help protect one of our most fundamental rights in a direct and effective way. Learn More ›

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Citizens United

Common Cause Illinois pressured state lawmakers to pass legislation calling for a constitutional amendment overturning Citizens United in 2013. Let's take our success all the way to Washington D.C. Learn More ›

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In 2013 Common Cause Illinois was a founding member of the nonpartisan coalition that is working to place an initiative to create an independent redistricting commission on the 2014 general election ballot. We have learned several lessons from California Common Cause's successful campaign to end gerrymandering in that state. We are bringing those lessons to the Illinois coalition. Learn More ›

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