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Letters & Testimony

Letter to Common Cause New York Concerning Paid Sick Leave for Government Employees

March 21, 2013

A letter from a New York City Council Member which begins, 'Dear Ms. Lerner and Ms. Markman: Thank you for your letter regarding rules reform in the New York City Council. Clearly the start of the next term presents an opportunity to explore changes to the Council rules, particularly in key areas which have been the subject of attention from the public, our city's good government organizations and the media. Most recently, the longstanding concerns about the Council rules have been underscored by the lack of progress in bringing the Paid Sick Time Act to a vote, something that I strongly support.'

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Common Cause Recommends Legislation to Create Legal Defense Funds for NYC Public Officials

July 6, 2017; Press Release, Status Update

Today, Common Cause released a comparative analysis of Legal Defense Fund (LDF) models across the country and recommendations for New York City. A framework does not currently exist in New York, creating a policy gap in the campaign finance law. The paper was co-authored by Michael Halberstam, Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Law and Economic Studies at Columbia Law School.

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Press Releases

Common Cause New York Calls on Conflicts of Interest Board to Review Emails from "Agents of the City"

May 20, 2016

On February 22nd Common Cause New York sent a letter to the Conflicts of Interest Board (COIB) and Campaign Finance Board (CFB) requesting an investigation into Mayor Bill de Blasio's 501 (c) 4 entity called the Campaign for One New York. Although the Mayor has shuttered the Campaign for One New York, there remain related issues, noted in the complaint that still warrant investigation.

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Research & Reports

Establishing Your Party Registration for the Presidential Primary in New York

April 11, 2016

New York has a “closed” primary system. That means that only people who are registered in a particular party can vote in that party’s primary. So long as you registered to vote in New York for the first time by March 25, 2016, and checked the box next to a party name on your registration form, you will be able to vote in the April 19 presidential primary for the presidential nominee of the party you’re registered in.

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General Content

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