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Letters & Testimony

Testimony From Common Cause Maryland Concerning HB17 Elective Franchise Registration and Voting at Polling Places

February 21, 2013

This Common Cause Maryland testimony which begins, 'Common Cause Maryland supports HB 17, which would allow a qualified voter to both register and vote either during early voting or also on Election Day itself. A_ No eligible voter should be prevented from voting because of his or her name falling off the voter rolls, complex registration rules, or the inability to register to vote on Election Day.' _

Common Cause Maryland: Testimony to the Commission to Study Campaign Finance Law; By James Browning, Regional Director of State Operations, Common Cause-2

June 12, 2012

This Common Cause Maryland testimony reads, in part, 'Several of the other issues you have been tasked with considering, such as the LLC Loophole, the regulation of transfers between members of a slate and the reporting of slate expenditures, and enforcement of the state's aggregate limit on campaign contributions have been documented by Common Cause, the media, and other interested overseers for more than a decade. A_ All of these problems have been exacerbated by the U.S. Supreme Courts 2010 Citizens United ruling, which threw out a century-old ban on corporations and unions making direct expenditures on electioneering.'

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Voters Lift Democracy Reform Ballot Measures

November 10, 2016; Press Release, Status Update

In addition to populist movements that challenged both major party establishments, and was ultimately part of the winning formula for President-elect Donald Trump, voters at the local and state level worked together to win democracy reforms across the country. A total of 20 pro-democracy reform initiatives were on ballots and almost all of them won with comfortable margins.

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Press Releases

Grassroots Coalition Launches Campaign for Yes on Question A in Howard County

September 14, 2016

Ellicott City, MD: A packed crowd gathered last night at Kelsey’s Restaurant in Ellicott City to officially launch “Yes on A! For the Citizens Election Fund.” The campaign is building support for ballot question A, which would establish a Citizens’ Election Fund to create a small donor empowerment program for Howard County elections.

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