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Census Bureau fails to change harmful representation system

July 20, 2016; Blog Post, Status Update

Prison-based gerrymandering threatens our democracy’s commitment to fair representation. The practice leads to certain districts becoming largely composed of voiceless individuals, since prisoners cannot vote in most states.

Time to end gerrymandering of legislative districts

July 16, 2016; News Article, Status Update

The last year has been pretty good to Alexander Hamilton. The Revolutionary War hero and Treasury secretary is the subject of a smash-hit musical that has reinvigorated interest in his life and done wonders for his legacy.

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Georgia Secretary of State Kemp Notified: Stop Illegally Purging Voter Lists

November 24, 2015

In an ongoing debate about how fair and accessible the process of voting is to all Georgians, Common Cause and the Georgia NAACP have put the Secretary of State on notice that his office is illegally purging people from state voter lists, causing additional hardship for voters already challenged by the cost and process.

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