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Letters & Testimony

Comments on Digital Audio Broadcasting Systems And Their Impact on the Terrestrial Radio Broadcast Service

October 19, 2007

Comments which begin, 'With the transition to digital radio, the Commission has a rare opportunity to address documented failures in providing listeners with diverse and local programming. The transition to digital will provide broadcasters with additional programming capacity, and the Commission must use this opportunity to promote its goals of diversity, localism, and competition. The Public Interest Coalition supports the Commission's efforts to ensure that with the additional programming capacity, broadcasters, in return for the exclusive use of the public airwaves, provide meaningful service to the public. Thus, the Public Interest Coalition urges the Commission to adopt rules and policies in which the public will gain substantial benefits from the new technology.'

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Democracy Wire

FCC Deals Blow to Local News then Announces Vote Next Month to Remove Hurdle to Massive Sinclair-Tribune Merger

October 25, 2017; Press Release, Status Update

Media monopolization imperils democracy - fewer press outlets mean less of the accountability journalism that American voters depend on to cast informed ballots. Meanwhile corrupt politicians can rest easy that the depleted local press corps will be less likely to report on graft. Ajit Pai’s anti-public interest wrecking ball is poised to strike again.

Trump's Media Attacks Undercut Press Freedom

October 18, 2017; Blog Post, Status Update

President Trump’s repeated attacks on journalists and what he calls “fake news” are undermining press freedom at a time when newspapers and broadcasters already are struggling with declining subscription and advertising revenues.

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Press Releases

Public Interest Groups on Court Ruling Clearing Way for FCC to Erode Rules Allowing Further Media Consolidation

June 15, 2017

Today, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit denied the emergency stay motion filed by public interest groups, including the National Hispanic Media Coalition, Free Press, Common Cause, Media Alliance, and United Church of Christ, OC, Inc., which sought to prevent the Federal Communications Commission from implementing its decision to reinstate the so-called UHF discount. This will allow the FCC to make it easier for the nation’s largest television ownership groups to acquire additional stations, and crowd out diverse and local voices. The groups are represented by the Institute for Public Representation at Georgetown University Law Center. Despite this interim ruling, the Court will hear the appeal later this year.

FCC Nominee Jessica Rosenworcel Should be Confirmed with Dispatch

June 14, 2017

Few people have ever walked through the doors of the Federal Communications Commission with as much knowledge, experience, and good judgement as Jessica Rosenworcel. I know from personal experience that she is among the most capable ever to hold the title of Commissioner, and her return to the Commission could not come at a more propitious time. With the Open Internet, media localism, and diversity all under threat, the public interest has never needed a public interest servant of her caliber so acutely. I urge Congress to confirm her with dispatch.

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Research & Reports

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