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Letters & Testimony

Common Cause's Comments on Internet Neutrality Before the Federal Communications Commission

August 18, 2010

A clarification of Common Cause's stance on Net Neutrality. Common Cause herein respectfully urges the Commission to classify the Internet connectivity portion of broadband Internet service as a telecommunications service in order to protect the public interest, and establish enforceable rules that will keep the Internet open and non-discriminatory. "Net neutrality" is critical to preserving the free flow of information that enables us as a society to solve problems, innovate and most importantly, self-govern.

Common Cause New York Testimony: New York City Cable Franchisee Customer Service Issues

April 7, 2009

This Common Cause New York testimony concerning cable customer service issues reads, in part, 'The franchise renewal agreements that are being negotiated between the City and the incumbent cable providers offer a valuable opportunity for the City to push for new concessions, including improved services and expanded access to government information.'

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Democracy Wire

Losing Net Neutrality Would Devastate Disabled Americans

June 19, 2017; Blog Post, Status Update

Net neutrality matters to me as a disabled person because the internet is my primary source of socialization, entertainment, and news. I wasn't always disabled or chronically ill.

Public Interest Groups on Court Ruling Clearing Way for FCC to Erode Rules Allowing Further Media Consolidation

June 15, 2017; Press Release, Status Update

Today, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit denied the emergency stay motion filed by public interest groups, including the National Hispanic Media Coalition, Free Press, Common Cause, Media Alliance, and United Church of Christ, OC, Inc., which sought to prevent the Federal Communications Commission from implementing its decision to reinstate the so-called UHF discount. This will allow the FCC to make it easier for the nation’s largest television ownership groups to acquire additional stations, and crowd out diverse and local voices. The groups are represented by the Institute for Public Representation at Georgetown University Law Center. Despite this interim ruling, the Court will hear the appeal later this year.

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Press Releases

Federal Communications Commission Votes Pushes Monopolist Agenda

April 20, 2017

Today, the Federal Communications Commission dealt a body blow to the public interest by votingvoted to entrench monopoly in broadcasting and business broadband, Common Cause said. The FCC majority eliminated price restraints on Business Data Services (BDS), allowing incumbent carriers to charge exorbitant rates on small businesses across the country. In a separate proceeding, the same majority voted to reinstate a legal loophole that broadcasters exploit to monopolize ever more of the airwaves.

Trump Signs Away Consumer Privacy Protections on the Internet

April 4, 2017

Privacy goes the way of populism as Trump rolls over again for big business. Despite a campaign filled with rhetoric about the plight of forgotten Americans, Trump has once again come down on the side of corporate profiteering at the expense of Americans who don't sit on corporate boards and can't afford a $200,000 membership at his Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach. Trump has flip-flipped on his own campaign promises and handed over Americans' right to privacy to those with the deepest pockets.

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Research & Reports

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