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Letters & Testimony

Cover Letter for Proposed Ethics Regulation Reform

September 5, 2013

A cover letter for an ethics regulations proposal which reads, in part, 'The petition offers no view on this means of adjusting the terms of ?7, or any other provision of c. 268A. All of the petitioners, however, agree that the most flexible and timely mechanism to address the issues raised in the aftermath of 13-1 is a regulation under the Commission's c. 268B, ? 3(a)(2), authority and that the proposed regulation is an excellent starting point to initiate the regulatory process under c. 30A.'

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Democracy Wire

This Is What a Smoking Gun Smells Like

July 11, 2017; Today In Democracy, Blog Post

Donald Trump Jr.’s late morning release of electronic messages he sent and received provides the most powerful evidence yet that the president and his inner circle have been lying for a year or more about Russian interference in the election and their potential involvement in it.

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Press Releases

Common Cause Members Demand Congress Name Independent Commission Whether or Not Trump Fires Mueller

June 12, 2017

To even float the idea of firing Robert Mueller through conservative media outlets is an affront to the most sacred values of our democracy. Despite what the assemblage of ‘yes men’ surrounding President Trump have told him, James Comey’s testimony not only failed to vindicate the President but raised serious concerns that the President of the United States abused his power in an attempt to stop the investigation. Comey’s testimony raised very serious concerns that Trump made a concerted effort to obstruct justice by demanding the fealty of the Director of the FBI before asking him to drop the criminal investigation of disgraced National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

Constituents Urged Intelligence Committee to Have Jeff Sessions Testify Publicly on Russian Election Interference

June 12, 2017

Common Cause members were on the phone early today from Maine to Arizona urging their representatives on the Senate Intelligence Committee to have Attorney General Jeff Sessions testify publicly tomorrow on alleged ties between the Trump campaign and the Russian government, and the Administration’s efforts to stifle the investigation of possible collusion. The Committee announced a short time ago that Sessions would testimony publicly.

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