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Common Cause Education Fund Report: Lending Industry and the Financial Crisis

September 24, 2008

This report, the latest in the Ask Yourself Why series, is about how the lending industry has prevented the government from doing more to prevent the current financial crisis or help families who have been hurt by it. It discusses the connection between the lobbying and campaign contributions of mortgage bankers and brokers and Congress' failure to stop or even respond forcefully to one of the biggest financial crisis in recent history.

Report: Campaign Contributions By Tobacco Interests Annual Report: September 2007-2

December 4, 2007

This annual report provides detailed updates of the tobacco industry's campaign contributions to sitting members of Congress, candidates for federal office, political parties, leadership PACs and other political action committees. The report also provides additional information on the tobacco companies' political influence, including analyses of the correlation between these contributions and the tobacco-related legislation that members of the U.S. Congress support.

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