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Letters & Testimony

Common Cause's Comments on Internet Neutrality Before the Federal Communications Commission

August 18, 2010

A clarification of Common Cause's stance on Net Neutrality. Common Cause herein respectfully urges the Commission to classify the Internet connectivity portion of broadband Internet service as a telecommunications service in order to protect the public interest, and establish enforceable rules that will keep the Internet open and non-discriminatory. "Net neutrality" is critical to preserving the free flow of information that enables us as a society to solve problems, innovate and most importantly, self-govern.

Common Cause New York Testimony: New York City Cable Franchisee Customer Service Issues

April 7, 2009

This Common Cause New York testimony concerning cable customer service issues reads, in part, 'The franchise renewal agreements that are being negotiated between the City and the incumbent cable providers offer a valuable opportunity for the City to push for new concessions, including improved services and expanded access to government information.'

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Democracy Wire

FCC Vote to Scuttle Net Neutrality Ignores the Public and the Public Interest

December 14, 2017; Press Release, Status Update

Donald Trump's Chairman, Ajit Pai, has recklessly ignored the tens of millions of Americans who know that affordable access to the Open Internet is essential to life in the 21st century. Today's vote is a body blow for self-expression and self-governance. And the tainted process of ignoring tens of thousands of consumer net neutrality complaints makes the FCC action illegitimate.

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Press Releases

AT&T-Time Warner Merger Violates Antitrust Laws, Politics Should Not Have Had Any Role in DOJ Decision

November 20, 2017

On its face the AT&T-Time Warner merger clearly violates of antitrust law and President Trump’s railing against CNN should not have played any role in the Justice Department’s decision to bring suit. We have always maintained that vertical mergers of content and carriage violate well-established and pro-consumer antitrust principles. Blessing AT&T’s monopolistic bid to acquire Time Warner would harm consumers and the public interest.

FEC Bows to Pressure and Votes to Open Rulemaking for Online Political Ad Disclosure

November 16, 2017

Americans expect and deserve to know who is bankrolling the political ads that follow them around the internet. In the wake of revelations about Russian use of internet ads to sway the 2016 presidential race, Common Cause and 17,945 members and supporters made that expectation very clear to the FEC, filing comments with the agency last week. In total, more than 150,000 Americans spoke out in comments and petitions with the agency—an FEC rulemaking record.

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Research & Reports

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