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Letters & Testimony

Letter to Speaker Ryan regarding Congressional Travel

November 5, 2015

Recent embarrassing revelations about trips by Members and staff of the U.S. House of Representatives from both parties highlight the failure of current travel rules to protect the integrity of the House. We the undersigned organizations strongly encourage you, as one of your first acts as the new Speaker, to impose a moratorium on all privately-financed, foreign congressional travel and to establish a bipartisan Speaker’s Task Force made up of the Chairs and Ranking Members from the House Committee on Ethics, the Committee on House Administration, and the two Chairs of the Office of Congressional Ethics to recommend new rules and guidelines regarding privately-financed foreign travel for Members and staff.

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Democracy Wire

Common Cause Calls for Congressional Investigation of Whitefish Energy Puerto Rico Contract & Open Hearings

October 27, 2017; Press Release, Status Update

Today, Common Cause urged Congress to fully investigate and hold public hearings on the massive no-bid contract awarded to a tiny Montana company to rebuild the Puerto Rican power grid devastated by Hurricane Maria. According to press reports, Whitefish Energy only had two employees at the time the hurricane made landfall in Puerto Rico but was awarded a $300 million contract.

'I Will Not Be Complicit'

October 24, 2017; Featured Item, Blog Post

US Sen. Jeff Flake went to the Senate floor on Tuesday to deliver an extraordinary speech bemoaning the course of his party and the nation under President Trump.

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Press Releases

Senate Intelligence Committee Must Disclose More About Russian Election Attacks

October 4, 2017

Americans deserve to know more about the Russian attack to sway the 2016 presidential race and Congress owes them some answers. Without undermining the investigation or any intelligence assets, Congress needs to share more of its findings with the American people. To date most of what citizens know about the attacks comes from media reports.

Inspectors General Must Review Travel & Expenses of High Flying Cabinet

September 29, 2017

Government scrutiny of the travel abuses by cabinet members must continue despite the resignation of Tom Price. Questionable and excessive travel costs are being regularly unearthed by the media. The inspector general of every department and agency should review travel and other expense compliance of top appointees.

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