Member Responds to Growing Need in a Big Way


Posted on July 25, 2017

He’s one of your fellow Common Cause members. And he just came through for us all in a very big way.

To help us confront the alarm¬ing new challenges to democracy brought on by the Trump adminis¬tration and a Congress that appears unwilling to stand in his way, Mr. Ridel has made a generous gift to bring eight interns on for the summer.

As you might imagine, our resourc¬es are being stretched to their limits right now so we need all the help we can get. These extra team members will play a critical role in our ability to serve as your voice in Congress, in the courts, and in communities across the country.

“When considering a legacy, I found that the establishment of The Fred Ridel Democracy Lead-ers Internship Program at Common Cause was an ideal means of providing young men and women the opportunity to gain both experience and a better understanding of the importance of advancing the democratic process and the common good. Their internships will not only benefit Common Cause, but should also influence them in their future careers, whether they are in public service, business or other professions.”   It’s so good to know that we can count on members like you and Mr. Ridel at such a critical time.

Office: Common Cause National

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