VIDEO: Time To Fix The Filibuster

Written by Bob Edgar on January 7, 0013

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Last Friday, I joined Thom Hartmann to discuss our ongoing efforts to stop to the filibuster abuse that's made the 112th Congress the least productive in history.

It's pretty simple, we think that if you want to filibuster a bill, you should hold the floor while you do it, just like Mister Smith.

Joining me on the panel were Kurt Walters with Public Campaign and Shane Larson with Communications Workers of America, two of our partners in the Fix The Senate coalition. We covered a lot of ground in the half-hour discussion, and I'm really thankful for the opportunity to talk about these pressing issues. Watch it here:

Stay tuned on Facebook, Twitter, and our website for the latest updates on our filibuster work, and everything else we're doing at Common Cause to hold power accountable.

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Issues: Money in Politics

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