#MADISCLOSE Act committee hearing tomorrow

Written by Tyler Creighton on September 17, 0013


The Joint Committee on Election Laws will hear testimony on Massachusetts Disclosure Act and other important campaign finance legislation.

The #MADISCLOSE Act would greatly increase disclosure in state campaign finance, particularly from corporations and independent political groups like Super PACs. Astonishingly, corporations are not currently required to disclose independent expenditures in state elections, even though individuals and unions are. The Disclosure Act would end this ridiculous loophole.

The same bill unanimously passed the Senate last session, but was not scheduled for a vote in the House before the session expired.

With the gubernatorial race right around the corner, it is important that the legislature act quickly on this legislation. We do not need corporations and other outside political groups secretly spending money on the candidates' behalfs. The voters should know which special interests are trying to sway their vote and curry favors with the candidates.

I hope others will join me in attending the hearing to show your support for increased transparency in our electoral process.

WHAT:Committee hearing on Disclosure Act
WHEN:Wednesday, September 18, 2 p.m.
WHERE:Massachusetts State House, Room A2


RSVP now to attend the committee hearing for the Disclosure Act. @CommonCauseMA will live tweet the hearing at #MADISCLOSE.

Unable to attend but still want to support transparency in elections, take action now and write your legislator.

Office: Common Cause Massachusetts

Issues: Money in Politics, Money in Politics

Tags: Disclosure

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