LA Daily News Editorial: Disclose donors - State Senate bill would close nonprofit loophole

Written by Philip Ung on January 8, 0013

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California Common Cause has been hard at work urging the legislature to close the loopholes that allowed out-of-state nonprofits to launder $11 million into California's elections without disclosing the true source of the funds. In this editorial, the Los Angeles Daily News hits it right on the head when they describe Common Cause and other reform groups are "ticked" that it took $11 million to get the Legislature focused on this issue.

Common Cause has been warning Congress and state legislatures across the country that Citizens United had opened up huge loopholes that allow these mysterious non-profits to spend huge sums without proper disclosure (i.e. Americans for Responsible Leadership, American Crossroads GPS, Center to Protect Patient Rights, and on, and on). I am glad we finally have the Legislature's attention on this matter. Now let's get to work, close these loopholes, and improve disclosure in our elections.

Check out the editorial below. Look out for future CauseNets that will urge members to support these important disclosure bills.

Editorial: Disclose donors -- State Senate bill would close nonprofit loophole - LA Daily News.

Office: California Common Cause, Common Cause National

Issues: Money in Politics, Money In Politics

Tags: Disclosure, Disclosure

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