Defending Net Neutrality

Day of Action Aims To Sway Senate Vote

Posted by Dale Eisman on February 27, 2018

Common Cause activists from the Washington, D.C. area are joining their counterparts from other democracy reform groups, plus members of Congress, for an 11 a.m. rally aimed at pressuring lawmakers to overturn the Federal Communications Commission’s decision to end net neutrality protections for internet users.

The scheduled speakers include former FCC Commissioner Michael Copps, now a special adviser to Common Cause’s Media and Democracy Reform Initiative.

The gathering outside the U.S. Capitol is part of a National Day of Action in support of net neutrality. It comes as supporters of the open internet believe they are within one vote of a majority in the Senate on a resolution to vacate the FCC action. Senate passage would send the resolution to the House.

Add your voice here to the thousands supporting net neutrality Tell senators to fight for the open internet.

The rally and a planned blitz of calls and email messages to lawmakers is aimed at persuading at least one Republican senator to join Sen. Susan Collins, R-ME, and all Senate Democrats in supporting the resolution. Events are planned in seven states that are home to targeted senators.

If allowed to stand, the FCC move will free internet service providers (ISPs) like Comcast and Verizon to give preferential treatment to websites willing to pay for it, and slow down the transmission of data for other sites. The current rules require ISPs to treat all content equally.





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