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Fair Price for Fair Maps

Wisconsin Taxpayers to Pay Just $64,000 for Fair Voting Maps After Doling Out More Than $3 Million for Unfair, Partisan Gerrymandered Maps Over last 13 Years.

Gov. Evers Signs Transformative Redistricting Measure into Law

Today, Wisconsinites also can begin celebrating new, far more fair and representative state legislative district voting maps that will be in effect for this year’s August primary and November general elections. Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers signed into law the very same voting maps he submitted to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Evers Has Said He Will Sign Maps Legislation into Law Effective for 2024 Elections

The Wisconsin Legislature on Tuesday passed new and dramatically different state legislative voting maps to be in place for the 2024 elections. Gov. Tony Evers has indicated he will sign them into law.

Attempt to Pass Flawed Redistricting Legislation to Maintain Extreme Partisan Advantage in State Senate Today

The legislation and action by the Republican majority today seeks to circumvent the majority decision by the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Fair Voting Maps, Voting Rights and Democracy Itself are At Stake in 2024

As we draw near to the end of an eventful and tumultuous 2023 in Wisconsin, it's worthwhile taking a moment to look back and review some of the significant events that occurred this year in the ongoing battle for democracy and representative state government.

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