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ALEC-tioneering: Unmasking Money and Influence in Texas Politics

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Money & Influence 11.9.2023

ALEC-tioneering: Unmasking Money and Influence in Texas Politics

Democracy dies in darkness. Our report shines light on the biggest actors using their wealth to corrupt Texas politics and shape the agenda of the Texas state legislature in 2023 on issues ranging from; public education, to immigration policy, to holding politicians accountable for unethical and criminal behavior by way of impeachment.

Voting & Elections 06.27.2023

Half the Story: What Texas’ High School Voter Registration Law is and how missing data could mean that Texas’ youngest voters are getting left behind

Voting & Elections 02.22.2023

Texas Election Protection: A Post-Election Report


Following the 2022 election, 9.6 million registered voters in Texas - more than the entire population of states like New Jersey or Virginia - did not exercise their rights to vote. Texas leads the nation in many ways, but ranks 46th as one of the hardest states to vote in in the nation. Texas voters deserve better.


Texas State Court Rejects Governor’s Limit on Drop-off Sites for Absentee Ballots

Anti-Defamation League and Common Cause Win Suit to Protect Voters’ Options During Pandemic

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