TX SCOTUS Halts Harris County Plan to Mail Everyone a Vote by Mail Application

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Media Contact: Anthony Gutierrez, 512-621-9787

This morning the Texas Supreme Court issued a stay blocking Harris County’s plan to send vote-by-mail applications to all registered voters while a legal challenge by the Harris County GOP and others proceeds.

Harris County GOP petition linked here

Stay by TX SCOTUS linked here

This legal challenge was filed soon after the interim Secretary of State sent Harris County a letter challenging the legality of their plan to mail out vote by mail applications to all registered voters. This is the same Secretary of State who has refused to expand access to vote by mail, and who will be facing confirmations in the Texas Senate in 2021.

Response to the legal challenge from Harris County Clerk Chris Hollins, in which he tells the court that no applications are being sent to voters under age 65 until a lower court hearing is held, is linked here

Following is a response by Anthony Gutierrez, Executive Director of Common Cause Texas:

“Even during a pandemic, the people in power in Texas are bound and determined to make it as hard as possible for Texans to vote.

Texas is one of only a small handful of states stubbornly refusing to expand access to vote by mail during this deadly pandemic – and now they want to stop people from simply receiving the application.

Almost every other state, including red states, have taken steps to help people vote during this pandemic. It is completely absurd Texas insists on going in the opposite direction.

I want to make sure people are clear that our interim Secretary of State is one of the politicians responsible for making it harder to vote safely during this pandemic, and she will be facing confirmation hearings next year.

Personally, I think Texans deserve a chief election officer who actually likes the idea of more people participating in our elections.”