Texas Governor Signs Voter Suppression Bill Making It Harder for Every Texan to Vote

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Statement of Common Cause Texas Associate Director Stephanie Gómez 

While Governor Abbott signs legislation designed to make it harder for Texans to vote, tens of thousands of our friends and family are in the hospital fighting for their lives because of his misplaced priorities.  

Rather than making it easier for Texans to vote for elected leaders who will prioritize our health and safety above their political ambitions, Governor Abbott has just attempted to silence voters from being heard in the next election.   

In signing this anti-democratic legislation, Governor Abbott has shown he cares more about suppressing our vote than suppressing the COVID-19 virus. Every resource and vote in this special session should have gone toward stopping the spread of this deadly virus that has claimed the lives of more than 57,000 of our friends and family. 

Prioritizing voter suppression as the first order of business in this special session is a complete disregard for the health, safety, and well-being of every Texan.  

But the fight for our voting rights does not end with one bill or one legislative session. The fight continues as long as we the people are willing to fight for what we believe.  

Our grassroots army of advocates will never back down from this fight. We will continue to make sure every Texan knows our rights, how to register to vote, and how to make our voices heard, no matter the color of our skin, our political affiliation, or where we live.  

Every eligible voter has the right to vote and have a say in our democracy. We will fight until every Texan has the freedom to vote without discrimination, intimidation, or risk to health and safety.