Early Voting in the 2022 Midterm Election Begins This Monday, Oct. 24

All Texas voters can cast a ballot ahead of Election Day 

AUSTIN, TX — Texas voters can make their voices heard in the November 8 midterm election beginning today, October 24 through Friday, November 4. Voters can cast a ballot in-person or by mail. The state requires that early voting begins 17 days before state biennial elections.

“We’re expecting historic levels of participation in this election and we’ve built a Texas-sized grassroots operation to meet the challenge,” said Marliza Marin, Common Cause Texas Election Protection Organizer. “Our coalition is working hard to ensure that votes and votes alone determine the winners and losers of this historic election – not suppression, confusion or administration issues.”

The Texas Election Protection Coalition is led by a coalition of nonpartisan organizations such as Common Cause Texas, Texas Civil Rights Project, the League of Women Voters of Texas, and ACLU-Texas. Our Election Protection operation for 2022 is aiming to recruit 3,500 volunteers to assist Texans in every corner of the state.

“If anyone has a question about voting or runs into a problem, we strongly encourage them to call our nonpartisan 866-OUR-VOTE hotline, or look around for one of our volunteer poll monitors wearing the black-and-white t-shirts,” added Marin.

In Texas, each county sets its own voting locations and the hours for each location. However, each county is required to offer early voting for a minimum number of hours. To find early voting locations and hours by city or town, click here.

To learn more about early voting in Texas, click here.