Common Cause Texas Condemns Governor’s Order Ballot Drop-off Sites to One Per County

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued an order limiting one drop off location for each county where voters can drop off mail ballots today. The governor’s order comes after several counties set up multiple locations to protect the vote in the second largest state in the U.S.

Statement by Anthony Gutierrez, Executive Director, Common Cause Texas
This is blatant voter suppression and yet another way the politicians in charge are putting barriers between Texans and the ballot box. With last-minute changes and pending litigation, it is increasingly clear that confusion in Texas elections is part of a pattern of voter suppression.

In a place like Harris county, which is bigger than most states, reducing 11 drop off locations to only one severely limits voting access and forces people to choose between voting and their health.

Gov. Abbott’s order comes as the President attacks the integrity of our elections. It also allows poll watchers to observe the in-person delivery of mail-in ballots by voters, which can intimidate voters and limit access.

It is precisely these types of voter suppression tactics that motivated us to ramp up our election protection program this year to be the largest we’ve ever run. We’ll have more volunteers all over Texas than ever before with the goal of making sure not a single Texan is prevented from making their voice heard by these kind of shameful tactics.

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