We deserve a democracy where each of us is represented and has a voice – and a government that works for every American, not just the wealthy few.

Federal candidates – and most local candidates in Texas – have to abide by some level of limits to the amount of money they can accept from donors.

For state candidates, there is no limit whatsoever.

It’s time to add much-needed balance to our democracy and enforce tougher rules to ensure politicians can’t be bought by the highest bidder.

Limiting the amount and source of campaign contributions is one of the most common tactics for regulating money in politics. Texas is one of just four states that place no limits on contributions. Limits vary widely from state to state and from office to office within a state.

We’re committed to passing common sense contribution limits to ensure the voice of everyday Texans aren’t drowned out by unlimited money in our elections.

Join us in the fight to put people over wealthy special interests.