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In Texas And Other States, Voters Face A Variety Of Barriers

“The bottom line in Texas is Republicans are scared to death of demographic changes,” said Anthony Gutierrez, executive director of Common Cause in Texas, “and are doing anything and everything they can think of to keep those changing demographics from affecting elections.”

Talking Solutions: Rebuilding Democracy in Texas

“There are lots of reforms we could try to adopt to fix the process,” he said. “One of the biggest problems is: do we expect [politicians] to draw maps that are going to maximize their own power? Well, of course, they are. That’s one of the things of how power works.”

How One Conservative Group Plans To Maintain Republicans’ Grip On State Legislatures

“I have no doubt that there were a million things happening behind closed doors that we didn’t know about,” said Anthony Gutierrez, executive director of Common Cause Texas, one of the groups leading the push against Republican gerrymandering efforts in that state.

Mega-rich conservative donors are behind Texas’ obsession with amending the Constitution

AUSTIN – Last year, Gov. Greg Abbott decided to go all in on a crusade to change the U.S. Constitution. Texas, he said, must lead the charge in wresting power from a federal government run amok.

Voting & Elections 09.27.2016

El Pasoan takes reins at Common Cause Texas

AUSTIN – After about 10 years of inactivity in Texas, the public-interest group Common Cause is back and an El Paso native is heading up its effort.

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