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Voting & Elections 07.13.2020

Texas Republicans Are Making It Nearly Impossible to Safely Vote on Tuesday

“If things don’t change drastically, we’re going to have huge problems in November,” Anthony Gutierrez, the executive director of the good-government group Common Cause Texas

Voting & Elections 04.14.2020

Texas Voting Rights Advocates Request Emergency Election Measures

“It’s time for the people in power in Texas to stop worrying about political considerations and just do the right thing to make sure no Texan is forced to choose between voting and endangering their lives,” according to Common Cause Executive Director Anthony Gutierrez.

Voting & Elections 04.1.2020

Texas Will Get at Least $11.2 Billion in COVID-19 Stimulus Money. Here’s Where the Funds Will Go

“The way to make that happen is to use these funds to implement online voter registration, expand vote by mail, extend early voting, recruit more election workers, and ensure all poll sites meet public health safety standards,” Gutierrez told the Houston Chronicle last week.

Voting & Elections 03.20.2020

How Will Texas Conduct Elections in the Wake of the Coronavirus?

According to Anthony Gutierrez, executive director of the voting watchdog group Common Cause Texas, mail-in voting is just one issue local election administrators must take into account when preparing for elections during a pandemic. Ensuring voting machines are safe to touch, that cleaning supplies won’t damage machines or ballots, finding alternatives if elderly poll workers can’t come to work—“you can’t do that overnight,” Gutierrez said. “The problem with all of these emergency election measures is that none of them are turn-key. All of them are going to take some amount of time to implement. It’s all doable, but it requires that people are doing things now to plan for that.”

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