We Believe, We Protect, We Vote

Over the past several presidential election cycles, Common Cause Pennsylvania has been increasing its election protection programs throughout Pennsylvania to ensure that voting systems are function properly, that no eligible voters are turned away, that voter intimidation and/or suppression are prevented, and that voting irregularities are recorded. With over 9,000 polling places throughout the state, Common Cause Pennsylvania and its allies can serve only a small segment of these polling places on the ground and, therefore, based on voter data and historical experience focus on at-risks precincts.

For precincts where Common Cause Pennsylvania and its allies are not there in person, voters can call:

The help line can help voters:
– Get assistance finding their official polling place
– Verify they are officially registered
– Remind poll workers to check “supplemental poll books” if their name isn’t on the roll
– Get help if they are improperly turned away from their polling place
– Obtain an emergency ballot
– Secure a provisional ballot
– Alert election officials if polls open late or close early, or if voting machines are malfunctioning
– And alert election officials of any voter suppression or intimidation activities

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