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Voting & Elections 11.28.2023

Federal judge: Mail-in ballots missing handwritten date must still be counted

A federal judge ruled in favor of voting rights advocates on the issue of mail-in voting.

Voting & Elections 11.27.2023

Federal judge: Undated and wrongly dated Pennsylvania mail ballots must be counted

A federal judge has ruled that undated or misdated mail ballots must be counted if received on time.

Voting & Elections 11.27.2023

Judge rules Pa. mail-in ballots returned on time with wrong or missing dates must be counted

A federal judge ruled in favor of Pennsylvania voters, holding that mail ballots cannot be thrown out just because a voter fails to date the exterior envelope. This will prevent tens of thousands of voters from being disenfranchised in future elections!

Voting & Elections 11.13.2023

Northampton County voting machine error has local, state leaders calling for further review

Voting rights advocacy organizations have quickly responded to errors in Northhampton county.

Voting & Elections 11.13.2023

Democrats’ Strong Election Night Will Likely Shield Ballot Access in Pennsylvania

Why voting access varies greatly across Pennsylvania — and what newly elected public officials can do to change that.

Voting & Elections 11.13.2023

Pennsylvania voting machine error did not reveal ‘election fraud’

Common Cause Pennsylvania debunks claims that voting machines in Northhampton County "flipped" votes.

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