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Voting & Elections 01.4.2022

Khalif Ali Joins Plaintiffs Calling for Fair Maps

On December 31, 2021, Common Cause PA's Executive Director Khalif Ali joined plaintiffs from across the state in filing an Application to Intervene in the ongoing congressional redistricting litigation currently before the Commonwealth Court.

Voting & Elections 12.1.2023

Pa. redesigns mail ballot envelopes to cut down on voter error

Common Cause Pennsylvania's comment on the newly announced redesign of mail-in ballots.

Voting & Elections 12.1.2023

Pa. county election officials react to mail-in ballot decision

"This is about making sure that valid votes are counted, regardless of who casts them."

Voting & Elections 11.28.2023

Ballots that arrive in time should be counted, Pennsylvania judge rules

Every eligible person who casts a ballot should have their vote counted.

Voting & Elections 11.28.2023

Federal judge says Pennsylvania mail-in ballots should still count if dated incorrectly

A federal judge ruled that mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania without accurate handwritten dates on their exterior envelopes must still be counted if they are received in time.

Voting & Elections 11.28.2023

Erie federal judge’s ruling on mail-in ballots could shape outcome of 2024 election

Federal judge ruled that mail-in ballots without accurate dates handwritten on their exterior envelopes must still be counted if they are received in time.

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