Ohio House Passes SJR2, Targets Citizen-led Ballot Initiatives

COLUMBUS, OH — In a 62-37 vote, the Ohio House passed SJR2 — a resolution that seeks to increase the ballot threshold for amending the constitution from a simple majority to 60% — directly attacking Ohio’s tradition of direct access to the ballot through citizen-led initiatives. The resolution was amended to add in an August special election, resulting in the vote on the issue occurring Aug. 8.

Following the resolution’s passage, Mia Lewis, associate director of Common Cause Ohio, made the following statement: 

“Today is a sad day in Ohio history. A group of representatives pushed forward a resolution that will undermine majority rule in Ohio and grab power away from the people. 

Bringing this issue to an August special election is particularly shameful, as these same representatives voted to do away with most August special elections just five months ago. 

Ohioans of all backgrounds and parties believe in the fundamental right of one person, one vote–majority rule. SJR2 would undermine 111 years of direct access to the ballot, and Ohioans won’t stand for it, nor vote to take away their own power.

Make no mistake: this resolution will make citizen-led ballot measures virtually impossible, dilute voter power and enable a minority of voters to determine the fate of the Ohio Constitution and our state. 

The Representatives who voted for this resolution have a surprise coming. Ohioans will stand up against this unfair, undemocratic, unpopular, and unnecessary resolution and vote NO.”


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