Updates on Redistricting and Ohio’s Primary

Another busy redistricting week


Thanks to all who joined the March Fair Districts All Volunteer Huddle. Here are links to slides and a recording. The slides are full of links and quotes—and you’ll find even more useful and informative links HERE

During the meeting we discussed the most recent redistricting developments with both state legislative maps and Ohio’s congressional map, Ohio’s primary, and more.  

Ohio House and Senate Maps

  • The Ohio Redistricting Commission passed a third set of Ohio House and Ohio Senate maps on February 24. (See useful tips on how to zoom in using Dave’s Redistricting App.) 
  • Those maps were challenged by all three of the groups that sued over the first set of state legislative maps: LWV et al; Bennett et al; OOC et al.
  • We’re expecting a ruling from the Ohio Supreme Court any day now.

Congressional Map

  • The Ohio Redistricting Commission passed a congressional map on March 2.
  • Two different sets of objections were filed, each with a different remedy requested: Adams et al; LWV et al
  • On Friday, 3/11, both petitioners filed amended complaints so as to include the Ohio Redistricting Commission (their first complaints were against the General Assembly as that body drew the first congressional map).
  • The Commissioners have until Tuesday, 3/15, to respond, and a ruling from the court will follow. 

Ohio’s primary

  • Secretary LaRose ordered BOEs to prepare ballots using the maps that are still being challenged in court. He is also touting this “Find My District” tool—when districts are not yet set. 
  • In an effort to ram through the gerrymandered maps, the GOP are refusing to move the primary, no matter what. 
  • Late Wednesday evening (3/9) they managed through parliamentary maneuvers to extend the deadline for overseas military to return their ballots. Nevertheless, this “fix” still cuts 16 days for those in active service overseas to request, receive, and return their ballots. 
  • BOE officials, candidates, military and ALL Ohio voters are being shortchanged by the refusal to move the primary to a later date. TAKE ACTION! 


  • The contempt hearing for Ohio Redistricting Commissioners was postponed. No new date set at this point.
  • The lawsuit to force reinstatement of struck down maps via Federal court is still on hold. At the 3/14 hearing, Chief Judge Algenon L. Marbley, United States District Court Southern District of Ohio, ruled a “brief stay” on the lawsuit against the state’s redistricting process giving time to see what decision comes out of the Ohio Supreme Court over state legislative maps. 

Tell your Ohio legislators to move the primary! Take Action

Thanks for all you do!