Channeling your anger and frustration over rigged maps

When the Ohio Redistricting Commission passed a Congressional map along party lines on March 2, 2022, we all knew it was an egregious partisan gerrymander. So, last week, when the Ohio Supreme Court struck the map down, we were glad they agreed that the map was rigged in favor of Republicans and did not meet the new anti-gerrymandering rules added to the Ohio Constitution in 2018. 

It should have felt like sweet vindication. But it’s a bitter victory when you will STILL be voting on an unconstitutional map this November, and when you know the mapmakers may simply tweak the existing map or ignore the order for a new congressional map completely. (The Court’s deadline for the General Assembly to draw a new congressional map is August 18; the deadline for the Ohio Redistricting Commission is September 19. None of us are holding our breath.)

The ruling rightfully stirred up a lot of anger, frustration, and distress about the state of affairs here in Ohio: despite years and years of hard work and two massively successful constitutional amendments, we are still at the mercy of a majority on the Redistricting Committee and in the General Assembly who defied the clear intent of the law and the rulings of the court in order to preserve power. The current politicians, elected through gerrymandered maps, create gerrymandered maps. And so the rigging continues. 

It’s not hard to see why people are upset, especially after the sweat equity so many poured in over the years to create a fair system and bolster our democracy. What we all fought for was fairness for all—not an advantage for one political party or another. It’s especially galling to be cheated by partisans when what you were pushing for was a level playing field.

So, while we are not surprised by your frustration, we do want to encourage you to channel your anger towards actions that will help shore up democracy in the long run. That’s why we’re sharing this list of things to do right now. Your engagement and activism have never been more important. 

Keep fighting for a better process:

  • Think & talk about how you would like to see the process improved
  • Spread the word about “taking the keys away” from elected officials
  • Share your views: social media, letters to the editor, opinion pieces
  • Commit to continuing the fight for fair maps, fair elections, and a fair redistricting process

Don’t stop participating in democracy:

Help promote democracy:

Support our work: 

We are looking ahead, not only to next year’s round of mapmaking, but to future efforts to redo the process to “take the keys away” from the elected officials who were so much a part of the problem during this redistricting cycle. Your support for our work is more important than ever. 

Thank you!