Ballot Board signs off: Signature collection, here we come!

Thank you to those who joined us for the October Huddle to learn about the approved Ohio House and Senate maps and Dave’s Redistricting App. Here are slides and a recording

As you will see from the slides, this Huddle was a deep dive on the newly adopted statehouse maps. Using Dave’s Redistricting, and comparing the bipartisan approved maps to other maps submitted to the Ohio Redistricting Commission, Collin Marozzi stressed that it is false to claim that in order to gain compactness we must sacrifice proportionality, or any other such trade offs. Many maps have been drawn that achieve high scores on all five criteria: proportionality, compactness, competitiveness, limiting splits, and minority representation. The “unified” (bipartisan) sixth set of statehouse maps are still unconstitutional and have again been challenged in court. Clearly, we need a new system for drawing district lines!

But here is the big news!

The Ballot Board met this morning and approved the Citizens Not Politicians proposed amendment as a single subject. This allows the campaign to officially begin signature collection. Over the next weeks we will be building a petition distribution and circulation infrastructure to support and center volunteers. 

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Petition Circulation Trainings:

Additional links and next steps:

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Thank you, as always, for everything you do and for your commitment to continue the fight for fair districts and fair representation.