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Fair Districts Ohio Express Frustration over the Newly Approved Ohio House & Senate Districts


Voter Rights Advocates Reiterate Support for HR1 after LaRose Issues Statement

When Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose spoke out against HR1, the For The People Act, the Ohio Voter Rights Coalition issued a statement reiterating their support for this critically important legislation to shore up our democracy.


Some Franklin County voters received incorrect absentee ballots.

Absentee voters in Franklin County check before returning their voted ballots. Find out what your options are and how to check if you received the correct ballot.


Allowing multiple drop boxes in the same location is not helpful

We urge Sec. LaRose to allow county Boards of Elections to install additional drop boxes wherever they think makes most sense for their own communities to ensure that this election is safe and accessible for all Ohio’s voters.


Increasing the safety of in-person voting during the Era of COVID-19


Letter to Ohio Secretary of State RE Improvements to Absentee Application Process

With COVID-19 a serious threat to so many Ohioans, it is critically important this year to maximize the number of voters who opt to vote absentee. The Steering Committee of the Ohio Voter Rights Coalition sent a letter to Secretary LaRose with several urgent, concrete suggestions for how this can be accomplished.

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