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Redistricting has started in NC. Wait, again? Here’s what to know.

Over 50 groups, led by Common Cause NC, sent a letter to lawmakers on Monday expressing concern about the budget provision and demanding an “open and transparent” redistricting process.

What Black Voters Should Know About the Legal Battles Over Redistricting

“When the legislature draws these districts, it’s not concerned about keeping communities together. It’s not concerned about the citizens of the state. It’s concerned about drawing safe districts so that lawmakers can maintain their seats," said Tyler Daye of Common Cause NC.

Blatant Attack on Democracy’: NC Supreme Court Greenlights Partisan Gerrymandering

"This Supreme Court ruling will go down as one of the gravest assaults on democracy ever in North Carolina," Bob Phillips, executive director of Common Cause North Carolina

Voting rights case in North Carolina Supreme Court: The issues, arguments and potential outcomes

“A year ago, the state Supreme Court made the right call,” Bob Phillips, executive director of Common Cause NC, said. “What this Supreme Court does is unknown, but if gerrymandering is legalized, history will judge those who make that decision and those pushing for it will pay a political price with we the people of North Carolina.”

North Carolina Supreme Court rehears redistricting case on gerrymandering

Bob Phillips, Executive Director of Common Cause North Carolina and a plaintiff in this case said he believes the court got it right in its initial decision last year. "What new evidence or finding of the facts is there to warrant today's re-do of this decision? The answer is right, none. What is happening today in the building behind us is completely unnecessary and frankly outrageous," he said.

North Carolina Justices Quickly Revisit Redistricting, Voter ID

“It’s not an overstatement to say that the very health of democracy in North Carolina is at stake when you are talking about voting rights and fair maps,” Bob Phillips, executive director of Common Cause North Carolina, said in an interview.

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