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Voting rights case in North Carolina Supreme Court: The issues, arguments and potential outcomes

“A year ago, the state Supreme Court made the right call,” Bob Phillips, executive director of Common Cause NC, said. “What this Supreme Court does is unknown, but if gerrymandering is legalized, history will judge those who make that decision and those pushing for it will pay a political price with we the people of North Carolina.”

North Carolina Supreme Court rehears redistricting case on gerrymandering

Bob Phillips, Executive Director of Common Cause North Carolina and a plaintiff in this case said he believes the court got it right in its initial decision last year. "What new evidence or finding of the facts is there to warrant today's re-do of this decision? The answer is right, none. What is happening today in the building behind us is completely unnecessary and frankly outrageous," he said.

North Carolina Justices Quickly Revisit Redistricting, Voter ID

“It’s not an overstatement to say that the very health of democracy in North Carolina is at stake when you are talking about voting rights and fair maps,” Bob Phillips, executive director of Common Cause North Carolina, said in an interview.

NC Republicans want Supreme Court opinions that went against them tossed

“Self-serving politicians are desperately trying to undermine the state Supreme Court’s landmark ruling against discriminatory gerrymandering. Partisan legislators want to claw power away from the people of North Carolina and go back to illegally manipulating our voting districts,” said Bob Phillips, executive director of Common Cause North Carolina.

Meet the Cary woman behind the Supreme Court case Moore v. Harper

A Cary woman volunteered to be one of the plaintiffs in two redistricting cases in state court. She never expected one to become a national issue - but that's what happened when the US Supreme Court accepted an appeal from Republican state lawmakers.

Moore v. Harper: What is it, what’s happening now and why is it important?

Moore v. Harper, being argued in the country’s highest court, challenges the N.C. Supreme Court’s power to override congressional maps drawn by the state legislature.

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