St. Augustine’s University students march to the polls for North Carolina’s primary election

With the school’s marching band leading the way, students at St. Augustine’s University walked together to the polls to vote in North Carolina’s primary election on Super Tuesday.

“We’re like a community here. As a small, private HBCU, we try to do everything together,” said Jeremee Jeter, a Democracy Fellow with Common Cause North Carolina. “So I think it’s important that the whole school does this together. Every vote counts, and we should go and use it.”

Brittany Atkinson, a freshman biology major at St. Augustine’s University, voted for the first time ever on Tuesday.

“Actually, I was a little emotional. We learn about people who died for our right to vote,” Atkinson said. “I don’t want what they did to be in vain.”

Information on voting in North Carolina can be found at