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We need all of us to build a better democracy. There are so many ways to take action, but here are the best ways to get involved in our campaigns.

We’ll plug you into the most urgent campaigns in your community and across the country. Sign up to join hundreds of Common Cause activists to phonebank, write letters to the editor, organize house parties, plan book events, and assist on digital campaigns.

By joining the Action Team, you can take on a little bit or a lot, depending on what time you have. Being on the Action Team can mean hopping online to join a phonebank to pass crucial election reforms, helping take local actions for election reform or campaign finance, or working with a team in your community to put pressure on your federal representatives to make sure our elections are secure for 2018.

On the form, we will ask you to tell us what activities you are interested in doing, any special skills you have, and the best way to get in touch. An organizer will follow up within a few days and give you all the information you need to get started.

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