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Putting Everyday People Before Big Money

When lawmakers spend too much time fundraising and courting big donors, they lose touch with the everyday people they are supposed to represent. Common Cause New York works to ensure elected officials are responsive to the priorities of all their constituents, not just the wealthy and well-connected, through the adoption of effective campaign finance and public financing of elections laws.

Money & Influence Campaigns...

Campaign Finance for State Elections

Small-donor matching funded elections help break down barriers to participating in our democracy, creating a government that looks more like, and works better for, us.

Fair Elections for Suffolk County

We are working to expand public financing into more cities and counties across the state.

Lobbyist Disclosure

When well-connected lobbyists wield too much power and influence, everyday New Yorkers can be shut out of the process.

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Support the Restoration of Voting Rights in New York

New York can lead the way and put an end to the racist legacy of felony disenfranchisement laws by joining the restoration of voting rights movement.

End Partisan Redistricting in New York

Common Cause New York is dedicated to fair maps and impartially drawn districts so that our government is truly of, by, and for the people.

Call on George Santos to Resign

George Santos deceived his constituents to win a seat in Congress – and we can't let him remain in public office.

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