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Media & Democracy 08.12.2014

Common Cause NY Opposes Comcast/Time Warner Cable Mega-Merger

Common Cause New York is urging the state Public Service Commission to reject the proposed merger of Comcast and Time Warner Cable, saying it would create a behemoth beyond the control of state regulators, foster higher prices for Internet access and limit data speeds for many customers.

Media & Democracy 08.11.2014

Common Cause/NY Files Official Comment Opposing TWC/Comcast Merger

Today, Common Cause/NY filed a seventeen page public comment with the Public Service Commission (PSC), outlining its opposition to the proposed merger between Time Warner Cable and Comcast Corporation

Media & Democracy 07.29.2014

Controversial Comcast-Time Warner Cable Merger To Be Examined at New York PSC Hearing

If Comcast and Time Warner Cable are allowed to merge, consumers can expect higher prices, fewer choices, and even worse customer service, according to groups opposing the deal. The controversial merger is the subject of Public Service Commission (PSC) hearings in New York this week.

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