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7 Takeaways From New York’s $175 Billion Budget

"It’s a mixed bag,” said Susan Lerner, the executive director of Common Cause New York, a government reform group. “A more open, lengthier process probably would have given us a stronger result. “But I don’t want to undercut the fact that we’re at least talking about these things and at least moving some reforms.”

Voting & Elections 03.29.2019

The Boss of the NYC Board of Elections is Pushing for New Voting Machines Made by a Company He Benefited From

"They are picking a piece of voting technology that has been roundly criticized across the country and that is insecure," said Susan Lerner of Common Cause.

Nassau Comptroller Jack Schnirman Launches Online Open Checkbook

“The Nassau County Open Checkbook will offer taxpayers a precise accounting of their money," said Susan Lerner, executive director of Common Cause New York. "All New Yorkers deserve this level of transparency, and other counties should follow suit."

Freddy Mercury: The MTA's acting chair has promoted corporate clients, and that matters

Ethics watchdog Susan Lerner of Common Cause NY says she’s glad to hear Ferrer’s on leave from Mercury, as her group urged after previous chairman Joe Lhota quit in a cloud of questions about collisions between his outside business and MTA power, but says that’s not enough. “He should recuse himself on any matter that may involve a past or future client,” she says.

Kill 'zombie' political campaign accounts, NYS legislators say

“Once an elected official has betrayed the public’s trust, he should be stripped of his power — campaign cash is no exception,” said Common Cause/NY Executive Director Susan Lerner. “In Albany, money equals power, and if someone is behind bars on corruption charges, he shouldn’t be allowed to hold onto donations meant for campaigning. Simple as that."

New York Good Government Groups Hail Decision to Tie Legislative Pay Raises to Reforms

Even while some suggest its unconstitutional, government reform groups praised a commission’s decision to raise state lawmakers salaries for the first time in 20 years while also imposing restrictions on outside income and legislative stipends. "The Commission has done an excellent job of balancing the public interest against the very real need to raise lawmakers' pay,” said Common Cause/NY Executive Director Susan Lerner.

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