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Voting & Elections 05.3.2019

Queens Has Only Seven Polling Sites in State’s First Early Voting, and One Lawmaker Demands More

“The Board of Elections is doing the bare minimum to implement early voting, especially in Queens where there are more voters assigned to each polling site than any other borough,” Common Cause New York Executive Director Susan Lerner said. “This is not only inexcusable, but likely a violation of state law. We need between 50-100 voting centers across the city to serve New Yorkers in non-traditional locations, close to transportation, borough-wide, and including city and state facilities. Both the city and the state have devoted millions of dollars to make early voting a success. It’s time for the BOE to step up.”

Voting & Elections 05.10.2018

People Love it: Experience with Early Voting

Our goal in preparing this report was to examine selected counties across the country whose experience with early voting provides what we hope will be helpful and relevant information for those considering whether to adopt early voting in New York and other Atlantic region states.

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