We safeguard democracy in Minnesota, promote citizen ownership of our government, and empower Minnesotans to hold power accountable.

As part of our mission to help Minnesotans build collective power by moving meaningful pro-democracy reform, the Minnesota Alliance for Democracy engages in a variety of activities, including:

  • Grassroots Nonpartisan Organizing & Mobilizing across the state, where we bring diverse groups of people together to focus on shared nonpartisan advocacy and civic engagement goals. Through these coalition-building activities, we are building a coordinated, effective, racially and politically diverse reform effort in Minnesota.
  • Training conducted through our grassroots organizing network. We are developing local and statewide networks of informed citizens who are willing to pursue and defend meaningful pro-democracy policies and take on a more active role in government.

Each of these activities builds on the other and contributes to our goal of expanding the effectiveness of organizations and individuals who are concerned about civic participation and government reform.