We want Minnesotans to have confidence in their political system and feel ownership of their government, and we want elected officials to act on, represent and respect the diversity and interests of the people.

Democracy requires active participation by the people, with a government that is accountable, transparent and where our voices are heard and acted on. Informed Minnesotans with equitable access to the political process are empowered and better able to engage their elected officials, work to elect representatives who are more responsive to their constituents, and move decision makers to adopt policies that better address community needs and goals.

The Minnesota Alliance for Democracy is a nonpartisan conveying table created by Common Cause MN to strengthen and facilitate network connections among Nonprofits, grassroots coalitions and community activists working on democracy issues.

Redistricting Campaign 

We believe voters should choose their representatives, not the other way around. Through the OurMapsMN grassroots Redistricting Campaign, we’re working to create better ways to draw districts that fairly represent your state’s communities. We support reforms including the creation of independent redistricting commissions, the hiring of non-partisan state staff, and clear, constitutional rules for how lines should be drawn.