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We're fighting for modern, accurate, and secure elections.

It’s no secret that democracy works best when every eligible member can participate. That’s why we’re working to improve every step of the electoral process — passing laws that facilitate access to the ballot box, helping voters who face obstacles in casting their ballots, and working with election administrators to ensure voting systems and machines are safe and reliable.

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Election Integrity

The integrity of our elections is important to everyone. We deserve to be confident that our election results are accurate and protected from sophisticated cyberattacks. We're committed to protecting our voting systems.

Voter Registration

Minnesota voters deserve free and easy access to the ballot box. We're making it easier to register to vote and participate in our elections.

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Tell Legislators: Voters want fair district maps!

We want voter-focused voter-driven redistricting reform that puts Minnesota voter's first. Support HF1605/SF2575, it sets clear standards to ensure fair redistricting in our state!

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